Monday, 24 September 2007

Update 24th September

Amy has been busy with uni work lately, so I thought I would do this post for her. I've never used a computer before, so this will be an experience for all of us. Hold on!

From oldest to newest:

4th September - Mushroom Stew with Herb Dumplings
Made by Cam
From Vegan pp102
Mushroom Stew with Herb Dumplings

Mushroom Stew with Herb Dumplings

8th September - Random Pancake Action
Made by Amy
Random Pancake Action

8th September - Blasphemous Krishna Dahl
Made by Cam
From some shitty religious propaganda

Okay, so I may have put onion and garlic in a Krishna recipe, I honestly don’t recall, but it's likely. It probably made it taste better too. The real mystery is whether Lord Krishna is going to smite me with a fireball from the sky for the offence. Oh, Great Garlic, I would never forsake you for that false idol Krishna.
Blasphemous Krishna Dahl

10th September - Seitan Pasta
Made by Amy
Seitan Pasta

15th September - Moroccan Tagine with Spring Vegetables & Couscous
Made by Cam
From VWAV pp178
Moroccan Tagine with Spring Vegetables

15th September - Strawberry Shortcakes with Macadamia Cream
Made by Amy
From VWAV pp240
Strawberry Shortcakes with Macadamia Cream

Amy has tiny hands.
Amy has tiny hands

22nd September - Squash, Fennel and Apple Soup
Made by Amy
From The Voluptuos Vegan pp27
Squash, Fennel and Apple Soup

23rd September - Sexy Low Fat Cupcakes with Strawberry Gizzards
Made by Amy
Sexy Low Fat Cupcakes with Strawberry Gizzards

23rd September - Simply Lovely Carrot Soup
Made by Cam
From How It All Vegan pp57
Sexy Low Fat Cupcakes with Strawberry Gizzards

Those of you on the east coast of Australia will know that we had a lunar eclipse on a full moon recently. I went out with my telescope and camera into the front yard. All the pics I took of the moon sucked, so here is something else.
Devil Possum

The brightest dot is Jupiter

Time Lapse Moon

Oh and one final note. See that Squash, Fennel and Apple Soup above? Those spikes sticking out are sharp spikes of pure apple. Don't try this recipe if you're not hardcore enough. I drew a picture to show what would happen if you weren't hard as f*&k and you tried to eat it.
Punk Soup

Without Bombs or Religious Glory


Amy said...

Okay, so I've written about 800 words in 90 mins (yay for me)!

Go devil possum!

Vegetation said...

You did pretty well for a first blog post Cam!

Amy send some of those strawberry shortcake things in my direction okay? YUM!

Cute possum too. I also tried to get shots of the moon that night and only managed black photos. Funny enough I also saw a kitty in a tree looking down at me. After 5 minutes of calling kitty kitty kitty trying to get it to come down for pats I realized I was talking to a small possum! (and yes, it was looking at me like I was mad, and it was DARK okay?!?!?)

Good luck with the million and one words you're writing Amy! Nice to see an update :P

Veganista said...

Woah, great post, great food! Have to say the mushroom dish with dumplings and the strawberry shortcake are grabbing me the most right now. :) Good luck with the writing Amy--sounds like you are going great guns. Care to send a little of that my way? Could use it!!!

Emmie said...

Awesome food. I love the krishna dahl, did krishna strike you down in the end?

the food looks lovely!

Theresa said...

Love this post, Cam. But it seems as if you're going down a perilous path--first screwing around with krishna, then worshipping seitan... what's next, the flying spaghetti monster?! Ahhh, I amuse myself, at least.

Can't help but notice the photos were mostly evenly split--cam, amy, cam, amy, cam, amy.... do you really take turns cooking so evenly, or was that just to mix things up?

Amy said...

Cam did a good job, eh?

Vegetation - yes the shortcakes were awesome - if you have VWAV it'd be easy to make an almond milk version!

Thanks Veganista - words are coming thick and fast (finally!)

Krishna didn't strike us down, but we do have a flying Spaghetti Monster pic on our Media PC desktop (we are HUGE FSM-ites!).

We tend to try to share most of the cooking (though Cam is primary cook until the thesis gets handed in on November 5). Cam tends to do the curries, etc and I do the pasta and stuff. I am, of course, the cupcake and cookie expert in the house. :)

VeggieGirl said...

great post, Cam!! oh my goodness I HAVE to make that seitan pasta - I just bought a new package of seitan, and I wasn't sure what dish I should incorporate it in; thanks for the inspiration!! great pictures!!

and good luck, Amy!! :0)

Carla said...

Hey, so where the mushroom stew with dumplings from ???? "Vegan"?? It looks Lovely and its something I may like to try!

Jamie said...

cool post - made me laugh! :)

Cam said...

Carla -> The recipe book title is indeed just "Vegan". It's written by Tony Weston & Yvonne Bishop. I just googled for it and found a link that shows the front cover.

Anonymous said...

ohh the pic of the ringtail possum is awesome :) i love them :)

i took some pretty good shots of that lunar eclipse..

ur food pics r sooo awesome :)


Lyrically speaking said...

The soup looks delish!