Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Amy's second vegan-versary

Howdy everyone! I went vegan two years ago today!

We had friends over for dinner on Saturday, so I made the Veganomicon Moussaka. In fact, it was a VWAV and Veganomicon meal!

Chickpea cutlets! I made a triple batch (thanks to Mr Food Processor). I think I overcooked them slightly...

But they were uber yummy with the tasty mustard sauce from V-con (we used red wine). This is so good! I'm loving mustard more these days. I think my tastebuds are growing up (I realised I'm turning 27 in about two months - eek!).

We had the cutlets with VWAV sesame asparagus. This is the fastest side dish ever!!!!

Then, there was the moussaka. This is insanely tasty. It takes a while (and I need to slice the eggplant more thinly). The tomato sauce was delicate & the pine nut cream/custard was awesome. 11/10!!! In whole form:

On the side:

Upclose (which, to be honest, is pretty similar to on the side):

And to finish, the lovely view from my window (it's raining, yay!)


Vegetation said...

Happy Vegan-versary! Good to see a post for a change :P (kidding of course!).

The food looks yummy! I really have got to try that moussaka (can't remember off the top of my head if it had soy but I fear it did). It looks delicious.

Love the view from your window too. I love rain (and greenery!)

kristy said...

Wow what a great day to turn vegan. Was it a new years resolution?

Where did you find Veganomicon in Australia? Or did you order it from Amazon or something?

Vegan_Noodle said...

Yay for two years of veganism!! That's awesome. And what a wonderful way to celebrate... with good food! The moussaka looks amazing, good to hear it's worth all that time!

VeggieGirl said...

wow, happy vegan-versary!! how exciting that it's been 2 years already - looks like you celebrated quite deliciously, with all that food!! yum!!

Theresa said...

Happy new year, and happy veganniversary! Great looking food. I *must* get to brisbane to sample some of your masterpieces.

Amy said...

Thanks guys. Veganomicon was the best post-thesis present I bought for myself (I don't use my bike as much as I should). Does everyone else have a wish list of cookbooks on Amazon that keeps growing? I'm on a quest to buy every vegan cookbook in the world. Tee hee!

urban vegan said...

Happy V-versary!

Aren't those cutlets amazing? I coul deat them twice a qweek.

Liz said...

That moussaka looks positively amazing! And I overcooked my chickpea cutlets, too. They're still good!

Good-Dees said...

Looks like I have to make the moussaka this weekend, looks positively yummy!
And congrates!!