Monday, 4 February 2008

Holidays are awesome

So I've been lazy. Woops. Actually, not woops, I've been enjoying my last few weeks of freedom (and Cam's already started Med School, so it's been a bit crazy 'round here!).
I'm excitedly preparing for law school. I had to pick a non-law elective and, in order to be fair to the poor 18 yr olds, I decided not to do English. I'm doing French instead! I've been speaking aspirational French since I was a teenager (yes folks, that's English with a French accent).
We've got lots of food to catch up on, so here we go!
WARNING: There's lots of repeats in today's post – I don't have much of an imagination sometimes!

Spinach and Ricotta (Veganomicon Cashew Ricotta) Ravioli with (Veganomicon) Marinara Sauce:

I continued my fetish for kitchen equipment with a ravioli mold!

Isa's Pumpkin Pie Brownies (I've made these before, delicious!):

The usual fortnightly pizza:

Cam made "Chicken" and Sweet Corn Soup. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tasty!

Random stir fry.... I think I made this?

Apple and Sultana Muffin (bastardized recipe from Don't Eat Off The Sidewalk Vol. 1):

(Yes, I have tiny hands)
The insides were yummo!

Cam's Extra Special Tomato Soup (1 can Rosella Tomato Soup, 20 mushroom chunks (from the Asian grocer) and a can of chickpeas. You'll have to hassle him for the extra special herbs and spices!):

An army of gingerbread cuppers for Cam's last day of work:

VWAV Carrot Bisque (I was sick for about three days – this helped with my recovery):

Lower fat Pumpkin Ziti from Veganomicon (the secret is not frying the topping & just spraying the top with our fancy new non-aerosol oil spray bottle. Yes, another gadget!):

Celine(from the Have Cake, Will Travel blog of awesomeness)'s Cheezy Quackers. Note the hand of our fantastic model Kath!

There's more to come, but I might save our very special Iron Chef Vegan guest chef meal for another day!


LouieLou said...

Glad you are back! Congrats on law school.:)

Kristine said...

I have been wanting to make those crackers...FOREVER. I should really stop drolling over photos of everyone elses and get my butt in gear to make my own.
Everything looks super delsih as of late. I guess I should specify, long time reader, first time message leaver.
Oh, I'm drooling over your raviolis. I should clean that up...

Kristine said...

and by drolling of course, I mean drooling. Apparently, I'm having a day. Oh and by delsih, I mean delish. I better go to bed...

Theresa said...

Awesome food, and enjoy your holiday while it lasts!

Aspirational french... my friends and I used to call it 'franglais'. Good luck learning proper francais!

VeggieGirl said...

No need to apologize for "being lazy" (you're preparing for law school, for goodness sake! haha) or for posting repeats - look at all this great food!! the pumpkin-pie brownies and the cupcakes look especially enticing - yum!!

Anardana said...

Cool post!

Vegyogini said...

Man, I wish I'd had the luxury of a non-legal elective when I was in law school! It was all law, all the time there. :( Good luck with it!