Friday, 4 December 2009

Byron Bay Food

Howdy!  So the hell of exams is over, so I’ve started back at work 4 days a week and have been spending the Friday doing criminal law research for a lecturer.  It’s actually pretty fun, just hard to do in the heat!
Anyhoooooo, Cam and I went down to Byron last weekend to visit his sister and to generally spend time on our arses at the beach.
Broken Head Beach
Broken Head Beach, Monday morning
We spent Sunday leisurely driving to Byron Bay, stopping at Minion Falls @ Nightcap National Park (best name ever).  Which was fun, except we got caught in a thunderstorm at 2 in the afternoon!  Leeches really are gross…
Broken Head Beach2
Funny, I remember it being calmer than this! 
We then spent Monday at two different beaches.  Morning was at Broken Head Beach (the two posts above) and Watego’s – closer to the centre of Byron (not pictured ‘cause we actually went swimming).
Tide 1
Terrible turnout
Tide 2
Tide 3 There’s two awesome vegan health food stores in the middle of Byron Bay – Santo’s and The Fundamental Food Store (Fundie’s – they have a store in Brisbane’s Paddington).
Monday Lunch
This deep fried tastiness was Monday’s lunch.  The two pastries were yummy (one was a samosa, and the other was delicately flavoured veggies), Cam had the tempeh sushi (ew ew ew), and there was a bean fritter.  Sooooooo good!
Luckily the Woolworths at Byron had Tofutti cream cheeze – so there were bagels for breakfast on both days!  Nom nom nom…
Dinner Monday
This was from Santo’s various salads and amazing pies.  Plus, in front, a millet ball and a rice ball (we shared).  This was sooooo good!
Byron Bay’s famed unicorn farm sign
It was a fantastic weekend! 
We visited the Gold Coast on the way home on Tuesday and visited Tian Ran!  I’ve got a whole post’s worth of pics, so they’ll go up soon!


Vegetation said...

Yay for yummies!!! It sounds and looks like you had a great time (minus those leechies of course!)

Dani said...

I love samosas! I've never tried vegan cream cheese, but now I want to. my bagel this morning was awfully boring and lonely with just jelly.

Mandee said...

Now I miss Byron! I love how many different little beaches there are plus the unicorn sign is awesome!

Susan said...

Yum! I've never actually been to Byron. My skin and the beach are rather unmixy things. ;)
Can't wait to see the Tian Ran food, I love that place!

Theresa said...

Looks like a fun trip! Yum to bagels, though I'm a little stumped at the unicorn sign...

Jamie said...

What did you think of Tian Ran? I didn't like it as much as The Magic Wok, but since it's now the only place like that to go, perhaps it will seem better :/

Amy said...

Thanks guys. It was a fantastic weekend.

We think that someone 'defaced' the horse sign (I prefer to think 'improved' it). :)

I loved Tian Ran - I did do a little dance (in the restaurant) when they had BBQ Buns!

BrisVegan said...

I like Tian Ran too, as was obvious from my PPK comment.

It looks like a great break. I haven't tried Santos, but that looks really good. Now I want to go to Byron and sit in the ocean.

BTW: You must have impressed your lecturer if s/he has you doing research. That's only for the best students. Is it Heather? She is an amazing researcher and good folks.

Deano - Byron Bay Food said...

Love the photos. Fundies is an institution in Byron, you probably got that idea. You might also like the Cardamon Pod in Lawson St, great vegan food.