Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Mmmm Caesar Salad….

So yeah, summer’s over!  Where did my holidays go?
It’s been lovely keeping up with everyone’s blogs.  I think the Australian vegan blogging world is waiting with baited breath for Theresa and Andy’s nuptials (or is it just me?)!
Anyhoooo, uni is back and I’m crazy busy as always.  I’m going to try to do short blogs, rather than long exciting ones this semester.  Four law subjects + 3 days a week of work = Amy gets no sleep!
So, Cam decided that we needed a garden (and I agreed), so we got some mini hothouses from Bunnings (‘cause we have very active possums!).
Checkout the awesome cos lettuce – isn’t this stuff meant NOT to grow so vertically?
Cos lettuce
So I made Veganomicon Caesar Salad with Fry’s Chickeny Strips (I have no recollection of the name and I’m not linking to their uber annoying flash website!) and Redwood fake bacon.  Damn this was tasty!
Salad Hopefully it won’t be another three months before I post again!


Theresa said...

Ohai! If you are interested, I can give you access to my secret wedding photo album on facebook. I made it so my mum and sis could see what I'm doing but I'm more than happy to share! Speaking of nuptials, I don't think I've heard any details from you two Iron Chefs...

That salad looks so seriously good. Want!

Lisa said...

Hi Amy (and Cam!) :) Loving that Caesar salad! Just wondering if you happen to know of any other Australian vegan blogs? (I live in Brisbane and am an aspiring vegan!) The only ones I've found are yours and Theresa's (which are excellent!) I've found heaps of really good blogs from the US, but it's not quite the same in terms of product availability!! Plus, it's nice when I know the places you talk about! Thanks :) Lisa. (By the way, do you know where you can buy Redwood fake bacon?)

Amy said...

The salad was seriously good.

Lisa - to be lazy, the best way to find Aussie vegan bloggers is to use the Aussie Bloggers feed on Theresa's blog!!! Tee Hee.
Redwood fake bacon is available from Fundies and The Green Edge. I love the Green Edge 'cause it's close to me... ;)

Crystal said...

That is one crazy stalk of lettuce! Your salad looks really good. I liked Vcon's Caesar dressing but I wound up adding a lot more lemon and capers because I thought it needed more of a punch.

veganchef said...

Hey guys!
I love your blog and the recipes.
Why don't you check out my relatively new blog veganingermany.blogspot.com and if you like it, I would be happy if you added it to your blogroll!

Thank you! : )

genki kitty said...

Oh my oh my!!! Our lettuce did the same thing... we had to finally give up on growing it. Did you find a solution?

Morgan-- said...

The ceasar salad looks delicious!

Lucy said...

That Cos lettuce is amazing! Love your blog.


abby jenkins said...

YUM! That looks delicious! Can I order that for lunch?

Miss Slick One said...

I started visiting blogs again so I've been clicking NEW BLOG at the top of my page every few days.

I had to laugh when I read your newest post because I do the same thing! Throw together some wildly weird looking dish with whatever I can find in the fridge, and OH WOW, what great taste! : )

I've learned to love baby Spinach and Greek Dressing or Sweet Onion dressing... Holy mackerel!

Your lettuce is very cool looking! Enjoy!