Monday, 15 October 2012

Day 4: Pismo Beach to Santa Cruz

We headed out of Pismo Beach at the crack of dawn.  We stopped at a little cafe in San Luis Obispo called Linnaeas.

We had an orange and pomegranate muffin.
It was pretty good.  It was not a flavour combination I would have guessed would work.

We drove north along the Shoreline Highway most of the day.  Saw some pretty incredible views.  (I'll add more photos from Cam's camera when we get home).

We stayed the night in Santa Cruz.  We stayed across the road from a super depressing casino.

For dinner we went to the Saturn Cafe.  We had shakes to start.  I had the mint chocolate chip and Cam had the vanilla.  They were basically melted ice-cream.  (not pictured because we inhaled them so quickly).

I had a 'chicken' burger and Cam had the jalapeno burger:

We split a short stack of pancakes to finish.  NOM!


Theresa said...

zomg, pancakes for dessert! I love it! Are you finding the serving sizes in America a bit over the top? Andy and I often felt sick after eating out, and we're used to eating a whole awful lot of food.

Amy said...

Yeah, we've definitely found that about the size of the meals!

Ibukun said...

Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself. The picture of the orange pomegranate muffin is giving me the urge to start baking..

Inspector Clouseau said...

Hmm, Hmmm, Hmmmmmmm.

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