Monday, 29 September 2008

In which Amy procrastinates from a law assignment

To tell you about VeganMoFo (Vegan Month of Food)! See Isa's blog for more information!
I'm joining in this year! So I've been evil and have saved up photos, etc for posting!
Possible plans include:
  • Brinner (total steal from Scrubs!)
  • Lazy student meals (how many ways can you make a tofu salad?)
  • How to tell your family that you've 'turned vegan' (is that like turning into a zombie, except you don't want to eat brains?)
  • Stuff I wish someone had told me when I first became vegan
  • Snacks for work, a how to guide
  • Why you'll never be skinny when I cook for you
  • Possible rants about the law
  • Vegan shopping in exciting locales!
I'm looking forward to a procrastination excuse!


Anonymous said...

Your plans sound awesome! Looking forward to your VeganMoFo posts.

Vegetation said...

"Why you'll never be skinny when I cook for you"

Sigh, my food has this same little glitch :P

Can't wait to see your MoFo posts!

maggie said...

Regarding how to tell the family, it's been 12 years and I still haven't figured out a way to break it to my dad. It's not that he even eats that much meat, and he's asked before "Are you vegetarian?" without any judgment. I'm mostly just afraid he'd make fun of me! Now I have to figure out something to cook for a holiday meal that's vegan yet normal enough that it won't let on.

Also, hooray for more vegan lawyers. We should start a club.

Anonymous said...

All great ideas are dangerous. Yours are really ones. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I really like your posts and the way you express your opinion. I will add you to my favorites in order to read more on this topic.