Monday, 22 December 2008

Roasty toasty goodness (in Summer - we're crazy!)

Hey guys!
I actually did try out Vegan Dad's awesome roast!
Here's what I put in the stuffing:
1/2 cup cooked wild rice (I cooked the whole packet and then measured the rice afterwards)
1 cup cubed sweet potato
1 sliced leek (it's still around!  WOOOOO!!!)
2tsp garlic
Thyme and Rosemary (it was either that or Thyme and Oregano - I can't remember!)
1/4 cup water
1 cup walnuts cut into teeny tiny pieces
2 T olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste.
Method: Fry up the potato, leek and garlic in olive oil.  Once it's starting to brown add in everything else.  Cool and stuff into the roast as per Vegan Dad's directions.
This will fall apart, but it is tasty!
Naked Roast
Drowned in gravy:
Drowned Roast
It was pretty good.  I'm going to tweak the roast - I can't find poultry seasoning (the original recipe calls for this), so I'm going to try some of the Massels 'chicken' stock.
What's everyone else planning for Christmas lunch/dinner? 


lisa said...

Yumtown! That looks amazing.

Christmas is a blah for me. I don't really have time or location to cook for The Day and I'm the only veg so it's all pretty boring for me. I think my mum is getting fancy veg sausages (ie not Nutrisoy), plus there'll be a vegan salad, roast veggies and a vegan chocolate cake. Actually, that doesn't sound too bad! If I were cooking or actually looking forward to the day I'd probably go to more effort. As it is I'm more excited to see what goodies mum has in her cupboard for the several days post-Christmas that I will be lounging around for!

The Veggie Guy said...

Looks like it turned out quite nicely. And great pics, BTW.

Christmas is with my wife's family (cattle farmers), so we're going to be bringing several dishes that everyone else will just whisper about, but not touch. :-)

Vegetation said...

Mmmmm looks good! I'm glad it worked (lol, now I don't have to trial it before Christmas :P)

I usually use Bryanna Clark Grogans chicken stock when things call for poultry seasoning (I just leave out the protein powder): it's really yummy.

Susan said...

Mmmm..... that looks nummy! I love seasonally inappropriate cooking. Tee hee. Though with the level of air conditioning I am forced to endure throughout most of summer, I may as well be doing roasts and casseroles all day long.

For Christmas I am going to make Vegan Dad's seitan roast with the ginger and peach (because peach = summer, you see... really) along with several roast vegetable and salady side dishes. Mmmm.... roast vegetables.

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

That looks incredible!

allularpunk said...

that roast looks wonderful! i missed your last post, but i have to say that i just love that mobile. i bet the little one does, as well!

Sophie said...

I love your blog! I just started one of my own:

I would love if you could add me to your blogroll or support me in some other way.

Thanks :)

Eddie G said...

Yum...y'all are crazy!

VegSpinz said...

Like Vegetation, I LOVE Bryanna's broth powder- I leave out the salt so I can add it to dishes and adjust the salt later, and use poultry seasoning in place of her recommended dry spices. I also took Bryanna's idea of adding a block of tofu to the seitan- it makes the texture softer and less chewy but is still very easily sliced thin! I've posted my "versions" on my blog if you wanna check 'em out. I ground up my seitan and made gigantic "meatballs" out of them- soooo good! :)

gottlieb said...

ok dude, but how you made the gravy?

Elysa said...

Holy crap, that looks good. Your page is SOOOOO getting bookmarked...