Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Day 1: Asian Food – the god of all vegan cuisines

Heya!  Hyperbole is fun, isn’t it?
A few months ago, on a cookbook purchasing binge, I bought Bryanna Clark Grogan’s Authentic Chinese Cuisine.  It’s a damn fantastic book.
So I looked in the fridge’s contents and consulted the text and made: Stir Fried Tofu and Leeks, and Harvest Moon Stir Fry.
Tofu and Harvest
I wish I had a better picture of the carrots (the moon) mooning you.  The only issue I had with these recipes is that they had dry sherry in them.  We could only find sherry that had been fined with milk AND eggs.  Le sigh.  Anyone found a vegan sherry?
These were REALLY tasty.  The tofu was fantastic.
I really love Bryanna’s cookbooks (witness my use of them in Italian food in previous posts), but I’d love some colour photos in the cookbooks.  But as Theresa said on my facebook pictures, the special lie-flat binding almost makes up for it! ;)
Breakfast the next day was pancakes.  Cam insisted on ice-cream and Soyatoo, so I insisted on grated apple in the mix.  I just grated the apple into the standard Pancake recipe from VWAV and just added milk until it was the right consistency.  This obviously totally made up for the sugar from the ice-cream and Soyatoo!
Apple Cinnamon pancakes So yeah, that’s it for the day.  Cam’s making us pasta for dinner (with moose pasta from Ikea), so that just may feature on tomorrow’s post.
But then again, we know how slack I am with posting!


lisa said...

The tofu looks great!

AMY said...

the pancakes look delicious.
i didn't get a chance to take any photos today, plus i didn't make anything quite that exciting ):

Theresa said...

Wow, both meals are making me hungry and it's only 8.30 in the morning.

I found a vegan sherry at Dan Murphy's before christmas. I forget the brand, but it was the ONLY one in the whole shop which didn't "may contain traces of...". Luckily it was also the cheapest.

Vaala said...

Nice stir-fry...it's making me crave lunch (which is luckily only about an hour away otherwise I could be in trouble).

Ice-cream AND soyatoo on pancakes? Awesome! You're totally right though, the apple will absolutely make up for all that sugar :P

Vegetation said...

Here to give you comment love! And definitely food love! Yum!! (Apple totally makes up for ice cream and soy cream on pancakes btw!).

Amy said...

Thanks for the nutrition advice guys - I'll remember that for my next chocolate binge ;)

BrisVegan said...

Yum, both the tofu and pancakes look delicious.

Mmm pancakes *Homer Simpson drool*.