Monday, 31 August 2009


Yup, we’re seceding from the American vegan blog complex (ha) for a month!  OzVeganMoFo is going to run for September, but as Theresa said, there’ll be ‘no worries’ about posting every day!  I’m aiming for about 4-5 posts a week!
Here’s the rundown of Oz Vegans joining in. 
Vegan, Sixteen
The Tropical Vegan
(Obviously we’re hoping that more people join in – otherwise we will look a little silly with just a few of us!)
Edited to add – but wait, there’s more!
Cupcake Kitteh (who designed the awesome logo!!!!)
Annabananabomb (2 week old vegan – that’s impressive!)
Ink and Venom
kblog (sorry to sound biased, but this is one of my favourite Aussie blogs)
Twilight and Shadow – a NZ-lander – making this a trans-Tasman affair!
For Esme
And BrisVegan has joined us on the 2nd!  I wonder which Australian state has the most vegan bloggers?
The benefits of MoFo-ing:
  • You should get more comments – this equals more dancing in the study (surely I’m not the ONLY one who does this?)
  • You will convince half of the federal cabinet to go vegan – because nothing says you’re more Australian than eating less beef (*a common misconception amongst members of the media and Australian Cattle Repressors – I mean ‘Farmers’)
  • People will start to not recognise you without your camera
  • I may just make you a present of the knitted or sewn variety.  Warning: presents may be of bad quality and may cause explosive decompression in open spaces
  • You’ll learn a bit about the law.  Warning: any information is given for entertainment purposes.  IronChefVegan Oz (inc) takes no responsibility for items lost, destroyed or damaged by following said vegan advice.  Negligence is strictly prohibited. (Take that exclusion clause assignment)
  • Vegans are sexier.  So you will become sexier by doing MoFo.  Take Alicia Silverstone for example!  So what I’m saying is that the Advanced Medical Institute should change their regimen.  (Warning: please see previous exclusion clause for prohibition of liability)


lisa said...

Yah, I haven't blogged much about vegan stuff for ages. Count me in.

AMY said...

Count me in too.
:) Aussie vegans have to stick together!

Mandee said...

*puts hand up* I'll play along, I'm doing the PPK Weekly Cookbook Challenge so I'll have something regular to blog about :)

Wendy Applethorpe said...

What kind of dancing do you do when people comment?

Amy said...

Jazz, hip hop, ballet, whatever. I suck, but it's fun!

kristy said...

I'm in too, I'll try my best :-)

Vaala said...

I read about this on Theresa's blog and am totally in...although I'm reluctant to blog under anything with Oz to start with being a staunch Kiwi!

A xx said...

Yay! I'm in! I'm a new vegan (2 weeks in) and just getting the hang of it, so this will be a good incentive for me :)

For Esme said...

sign me up!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliment! *Blushes like a little girl*

BrisVegan said...

Can I join in? I may not blog every day, but I promise at least 3-4 posts a week.

Anonymous said...

Can I play too?
Yay for Southern Hemisphere vegans!

Seitahn said...

Oh poo! :)

I have totally missed the month of September for OzVeganMoFo :(
I have just started a blog for October's VeganMoFo. Maybe I'll be on time for OzVeganMoFo next year.

Anonymous said...


just signed up and wanted to say hello while I read through the posts

hopefully this is just what im looking for, looks like i have a lot to read.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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