Monday, 17 September 2012

Notzarella Pizza

We love pizza.  I know everyone says that, but we REALLY love pizza.  I make this pizza about once or twice a fortnight.

I've been making this style of pizza for about 4 or so years.  The dough is the VWAV recipe.  I'm super lazy and make it in my KitchenAid stand mixer.  Damn that thing saves me time!

The secret ingredient to our pizza is Notzarella.  In our opinion this is the best vegan melting cheeze on the market.  And it's an Australian product!  I normally get two pizzas out of a block (I grate it all at once and freeze the second half - the dough recipe makes two pizza bases too, so I get to be lazy the second time around).  And in the last few weeks (or so) the block size is up to 300g, so it's even more cheeze!

The other toppings are (all purchased from Green Edge) are: Redwood Cheatin' Pepperoni Style Slices (half the pack), Lamyong Vegetarian Salted Crispy Chicken, and Lamyong Vegetarian Soy Sausages.  I use pizza sauce from the supermarket and add Smoky BBQ Sauce.

I get the best results with the dough when I cook it on a pizza stone.  I preheat the pizza stone in the oven for 25 mins as high as my oven will go.  Once the pizza goes in, I turn the temperature down to about 200C.  The Notzarella usually takes about 25 mins to melt at this temperature, but it may depend on your oven.  You can always finish it under the grill (if you have one!).

Before it went into the oven
If you live in the land of Oz, hunt this stuff down and eat lots of it!  (This is not a paid Notzarella advertisement - I just love the stuff)


Theresa said...

Gr, I just commented and a sneaky troll ate it!

Anyways, that pizza looks deeelish. I will be in Brisbane next week. Want to cook it for me? I kid, sort of, but I will be really in Bris and have free all day Tuesday and all day Saturday (till about 5 both days). Maybe we can have a vegan meet up - I'll see what Susan is up to?

Amy said...

Tuesday night is perfect! I'll be done with my PLT by then, so I'll be ready to party. Message me on Facebook!

Amy said...

And I'll totally cook for you if we can't decide on a dinner venue.

Get Skinny, Go Vegan. said...

Looks like all my hubby's favorite stuff! Vegan Cheeses and Gluten Fest!

veganbloggersunite said...

What a great recipe. I'd love to have this post for VBU! Hope you'd like to share it. Thanks! Lidia

Anonymous said...

Love what you are doing with the blog man!