Sunday, 2 December 2012

Day 8: Bodega Bay to Fort Bragg

We awoke on Day 8 ready for more Yves "Bacon".  Here you see it grilled with Daiya cheeze.  Another trip favourite.

We went for a walk along the coastline at Bodega Bay.  It was freaking gorgeous:
We saw a DEER!  It ran away too quickly for us to take a photo.  Still, very rad.

Then we headed inland a little and visited Armstrong Grove.  Large trees.  There may have been actual hugging of trees.

We found an all vegan resort in Mendocino (just outside Fort Bragg). Unfortunately it's hella expensive (but we have plans to go back when Cam's a Consultant ;).  Luckily it has a restaurant attached called Ravens' Restaurant.  Wow.  This place blows Millenium out of the water.  We started with cocktails.  I had Sangria and Cam had a Bloody Mary (which began the great Bloody Mary obsession of 2012 that is ongoing):
Amy, in an extremely attractive pose.  Like the t-shirt I got from Old Navy?

The view from our table.  You could see Ravens circling outside.  Freaking gorgeous.
 We started with an amuse bouche.  Tempted to describe it as "amusing".  It was goodly.

Then bread and hummous.  Mmmmm hummous.  Surprisingly, we didn't actually eat much hummous while we were in the USA.  Bread was good too.  Nice and fresh.  If you hadn't noticed, they like serving everything with flowers.  Odd, but interesting.

Then we had a pizetta - that day's one had rocket and pesto.  Goodly.  The base was lovely and crunchy.  Pesto was nice too.

Cam had the Maple Barbeque Tofu.  The glaze-y bit was quite tasty as I recall.

I had the Tamales.  Tamales are just not available in Australia.  I did try making them a few years ago, but as dried corn husks are impossible to find, they didn't turn out well.  Also, dirty rice isn't really that popular in Oz either.
I LOVE Mexican food, and this was probably one of the most amazing Mexican dishes I've ever had (though the one I had at Real Food Daily on day 1 was pretty freaking fantastic too).

Dessert.  OMG, the dessert.  As far as I'm concerned, this was the best dessert of the whole damn trip.

Cam had the pecan torte:

I had the vanilla bean creme brulee.  Wow.  I still dream about this dessert over a month later.  It was creamy (I'm guessing it was a cashew base) and the vanilla bean wasn't overpowering.
The topping was brown sugar (I think).  It was definitely toasted, but the clash of the toasted sugar and creamy custard was outstanding.

They liked serving everything with a flower on the plate.  It was a nice touch, but a little, um, odd?  It certainly makes the photos look good.

If you're heading up the California coast, please stop in at Ravens' Restaurant.  And stay at the Stanford Inn if you can.  They allow pets (which is awesome) and it's a seriously beautiful place.


Theresa said...

Wow, this looks amazing! I would love to stay there and eat like this every day...

Susan said...

That looks incredible!
I think that Mandee has had success making tamales without the corn husks, maybe look at her blog?
Though I think rumor has it that you can now get them in Sydney. I may have to investigate this when I am down next year.

Amy said...

Oooh - report back. I've tried using aluminium foil, but it was a huge fail. Next time I might do baking paper wrapped in alfoil....

Laura Jordan said...

Think I've seen corn husks at The Essential Ingredient in Rozelle.