Sunday, 6 January 2013

Kuan Yin revisit

Kuan Yin has been a favourite of ours ever since we discovered it at least 9 years ago.  Late in December I discovered that they now have a blog (and a Gold Coast outlet that we have yet to try - when there's Yum Cha to have at Mermaid Beach, why would you go elsewhere? ;)).  They now do desserts!  So Susan (of Eating for Animals) and I decided to go and try out the desserts.

Of course, they were out of desserts today (sigh), but we still ate all the foods (WARNING: photos taken with my Galaxy 2, so the photos only give you a vague idea of how good it tasted).

First we had the intriguingly named Phantom Chips - taro and sweet potato rolls.
Phantom Chips
This is the Peking 'Duck" roll.  The 'Duck' is quite crispy, but the roll is done up fairly loosely so the filling is want to escape.  If I was making it I'd be rolling it up a lot tighter....
Peking 'Duck' Roll
'Duck' Roll close view
This is the 'Chicken' Wings.  They serve it with a side of chips, so perhaps they should be renamed 'Chicken' Nuggets?
Spicy, and good
They also do a Spring Roll.  It's significantly longer than the Spring Rolls you're used to.  They're served with a spicy sauce and served in a champagne glass.  Kind of hilarious for a non-alcoholic Asian cafe.
Spring Rolls
We also had the classic Fried Dumplings.  Always tasty.  Always falls apart.
Michael (the owner) said that they should have the Chocolate dessert on the menu next weekend.  I'd suggest going on Friday/Saturday so you can actually get one!

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Theresa said...

Yum, those fried dumplings sure are yummy (and messy), but I especially love the presentation of the long spring rolls! Looks a bit masterchef-y.