Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Marinated grilled tofu salad with ginger miso dressing - Salad Bonanza part 2

This one was made by marinating firm tofu in a ginger tamari marinade & grilling. Salad contains 'Asian' lettuce leaves (it comes from Woolworths - how authentic can it be???), grape tomatoes sliced in half (I HATE it when tomatoes explode in your mouth!!) and sliced capsicum. Dressing was made with miso, ginger, sesame oil, mirin and sesame seeds. It looked really cool after cooking - the colour of BBQ pork (or at least, what I remember chinese BBQ pork looked like). Recipe is from a cookbook called "Cool meals" (I think - a friend gave me a ton of recipes from this one). Email me at amytuite "at" hotmail "dot" com to get recipe - happy to help!!! So Tasty.
I'm trying out a new system of rating the recipes....
It gets 5/5 - how about 5 happy free and alive chickens!!! (No, that's lame!!!) Will try to find a good one!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I'm the friend who borrowed you the cook book for this salad. It's from the book Cool Food. It's a series of cook books from Murdoch Books and you've probably seen the series in book stores: Hot Food, Finger Food, Cool Food, Bowl Food etc. It's not a vegan book, but has occational vegan things in there, and apparently very nice according to Iron Chef Vegan. Enjoy!