Friday, 9 February 2007

Tip-Top Tofu Loaf and Sesame Asparagus

The sesame asparagus was great (p124 Vegan With A Vengeance) but the tofu loaf didn't turn out very well (p 154 La Dolce Vegan). It's probably because I used extra tomato sauce & didn't bake it in a loaf tin (I used a loaf shaped ceramic thing)... The tofu loaf smelled awesome when it was cooking, but the texture left a little to be desired.

I added some roast carrots (just tossed in olive oil, garlic and dried italian herbs) and mushrooms (remove the stem and sprinkle some salt in the middle & bake on an oiled sheet - tasty juicy mushroominess).

It was an interesting meal - that took about 2 hours to prepare..... I'm definitely going to try again, but after I find a new loaf tin!

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