Tuesday, 26 June 2007

The Catch Up - Part One - Savoury Dishes

Let's cut the c**p and just say I'm a lazy blogger (and a lazy thesis writer - up to 2600 wds).

I'll do another update in a few days - the sugar kick lasted all of a week and a half - HA!

So here's what we've been a cookin' lately:

This was a roast dinner that we made - the roast is the brand spankin' new Sanitarium one (you'll find it in the cold 'health food' section at Woolworths/Coles in Australia). It is fairly tasty, but I'm sure I could do something better with homemade seitan. We had it with Rosemary ordinary & sweet potatoes, onions and mushrooms (and a mix of steamed veggies) covered with vegan gravy (the Orgran brand)... Mmm mmm mmmRoast Dinner

Next we made Tofu Tacos from The Everyday Vegan. This recipe made A LOT of taco mix - we were eating with tacos and then with tortillas for the next three days! I added a lot of chilli, so it burned, but Cam likes it that way. I served with guac and refried beans (we were too cheap to add cheeze)...
Tofu Tacos

Finally, Cam found a recipe for dahl on the PPK recipe listing (somewhere, I don't know exactly which one). It was pretty tasty, but we needed to grind the spices a little more. It was good the next day as the flavours had developed.....
Curry & Rice

And one more thing..... We went to my parent's house for dinner tonight (it was my middle nephew's fourth birthday (I ended up buying the same book that my brother bought - there appears to be only one picture book about pirates????)). Anyway, I snapped my mum's cat Nancy (aka Nancy Fancy Pants, Pantsy - we have a weird thing with animal names) curled up next to a decanter of port (it was right under the heater - it's COLD in Brisbane!!!) I want a fur coat (I mean I want one instead of skin - duh)..... Check it out!!!Drunken Cat

Stay warm everyone! I'm off to bed to cuddle up to a hot water bottle (well, it's actually a bag of wheat that you microwave, but serves the same purpose).

Visit in a few days to see the mountain of sugar I've prepared - you'll enjoy!!!


healthnut said...

That looks really good. Especially the roast dinner, I gotta try that someday!

Theresa said...

Think warm thoughts! Yesterday Townsville broke the rainfall record for June, set in 1974. And last week the coldest daytime temperature record was broken. Brr!

Your roast dinner and supa spicy tacos look like they warmed you from the inside :)

Vegetation said...

I hear you on the BRRR, it was 4 celcius here yesterday and today it's 3pm and barely cutting 7!

Love your Mum's cat (think I told you that already :P). We have a thing with pet names too but I'd have to email you the list for the 3 of them or I'll take up your entire comments space ;)

That Dahl looks yummy! Would you believe I've never had Dahl before? What sort of almost vegan am I?

The roast looks nice too. I plan to do some experimentation in the next couple of days with some seitan roast. It's definately roast weather.

Looking forward to the sugar high!

kristy said...

Are the tofu tacos any good? I have borrowed everyday vegan from the library but apart from the chickpea mash stew haven't found anything that I've wanted to try.

Did you use pasta sauce, salsa and tomato paste like the recipe asked for?

Mitsuko said...

Oooh, isn't she adorable!

Mel said...

I've made the Sanitarium Roast and mine turns out a bit softer...yours looks so much better! Did you follow the instructions or do anything differently?

Amy said...

Hey guys!!!!

Vegetation - get to it! Dahl rocks (and its super mega easy to make a tonne - I think theresa has a good recipe on her blog)....

Kristy - tofu tacos are good - I added in a whole lotta extra veggies & also added in refried beans to the mix. Big farts.... (I didn't do the pasta sauce thing - I added a tin of tomatoes and tomato paste and about 3 tablespoons of salsa (it was all I had in the house)).

Mel - the Sanitarium roast was soft, but chewy. We roasted it with the veggies, so it took about 50 mins to cook (I think - I was making cuppers & Cam cooked that night). My suggestion - we scored the outside of the roast to help the flavours develop - I think reducing the moisture helps????

And now to the sugar post... Mmmm sugar......