Thursday, 14 June 2007

In which Amy pulls her finger out...... (and goes on and on..............)

And posts something on the blog. Hi everyone! I've been sick and hella busy for the last week or so, so I've been neglecting the blog. I went to a friend's wedding on Saturday, which was lovely. AND I finally got some work done on my thesis (10% down, 13,500 words to go!). But here's what you've visited for - THE FOOD!

I baked two batches of seitan on Monday afternoon (the recipe was Lachesis' ultimate baked seitan from the PPK boards). One was the original Seitan O'Greatness and the other's flavour was inspired by the VWAV tempeh recipe (the recipe I normally use to make Tofu Bacon in BLTs). I didn't bake the original Seitan O'Greatness for quite long enough, but it turned out to be really useful for use as a 'mince' substitute!

So on Monday night (which was pretty cold here in Brisbane) we curled up on the couch with a huge glass of red wine each and watched two episodes of the Sopranos and ate Italian food!

Garlic Bread (oh man, this was so garlicky & tasty!):
Garlic Bread

And Seitan Stroganoff:
Seitan Stroganoff

To make:
Fry up about half a batch of Seitan O'Greatness with garlic(I'll leave the quantity to your own taste, we end up using about 3 tablespoons everytime - we like garlic breath), a chopped onion in olive oil. After the onion is transparent, add your pasta sauce (I make a bastardized version of Isa's pizza sauce & add more tomatoes). Serve over pasta.

Cam really loved these two recipes - I think I need to make more pasta sauce before adding the grilled seitan.

Going back in time now.....

On Sunday night my brother (who lives with us & works for a rockin' deli in a local suburb - their olives are the best) brought home about ten punnets of strawberries for us! I love strawberries (my favourite way to eat them is to cut them into pieces and eat with a fork)! So, we just HAD to make waffles! I made the Ginger Pear Waffles from VWAV, but we didn't have any pears, so I did it with apples.

Apple Ginger Waffles with Choc IceCream & Strawberry Sauce

We served with Strawberry sauce and Chocolate Soy Ice Cream. The batter made LOTS of waffles, so I basically snacked on these while writing my thesis (the sugar assisted greatly!).

Waffles 2

On Tuesday, after what can only be described as the worst working day in my career thus far, I needed tasty food. Voila! Vegan Fajitas!

I marinated the seitan in a sauce made with Smoky Barbecue Sauce, Refried Beans (the only thing I could think of that would impart a 'mexican' flavour) and a lime-chilli paste.

Fajita Fixins

I had to post a pic of the sauce - what is it with actors and sauces? Paul Newman has his salad dressings, etc and now Jack Thompson has a BBQ sauce? LOL.....

Seitan looked like this when it was marinating:

Marinated Seitan

And when it was served with guacamole, refried beans, fried onion and mushroom, tomato and lettuce, it looked like this!

Seitan Fajita

I think that's it for now..... We went to the Alibi Room on Saturday for breakfast - if it is possible, it was better than the week before!

One last thing, I'm going on a sugar-free kick. Yes, I know this means no cookies and cupcakes, but I'm getting tubby and more than a little concerned about my sugar intake (I really don't want diabetes). So Iron Chef Cookie will have to wait a few months.

Hope all the Aussies aren't freezing their arses off right now (I'm wearing four layers!) & hope everyone in NSW is doing okay after all the rain. **End Communication**


Vegan_Noodle said...

Mmmm, those waffles look yummy! I'm going to be making seitan fajitas this weekend as well...I had never thought about marinating the seitan with refried beans! Good luck with the writing! I remember how that was while writing my thesis, sometimes it felt like pulling teeth. Just remember that at least the end is in site now, you'll appreciate it when it's over (I know it's hard to imagine now!).

Vegetation said...

Yay you're back!! I was starting to wonder if you'd left us hanging ;). Yum! I'll have to chat more on the whole VwaV tempeh bacon seitan o greatness thing. Measurements! Plus what did you do with the bacony seitan? (sorry way too many questions). It all looks super delicious! I'm drooling, and starving!

I should really join you on that sugar kick. I'm getting the same tubby thing going on these days. Vegetationramblings is about to become Vegetationblubberings.

Okay, back to freezing my rear end off.

Theresa said...

Yum, waffles, and fajitas. I think it's time for lunch!

I too am freezing my bum off, though it's probably no where near as cold here as it is further south. Australian houses are not built for cold weather!

Kathleen said...

Hi Amy!
Sorry to hear you've been sick and that work is sucking hard. Congratulations on the 1500 words of the thesis though - you're on the way!
Brisbane is far too freezing right now for anything except eating and playing on the internet.

Adios, Kathleen

Lysergide 25 said...

Im loving your posts - though - where do you find seitan in Brisbane? Ive looked and looked and found nought/nada/nothing!