Sunday, 3 June 2007

Breakfast at The Alibi Room

A friend told us about this place - OMG it was so good!

Here's what we had (Cam and I shared), The Kombie Driver's Breakfast (the $30 lovebirds plate):

It is indeed an ungodly amount of food:
Food 1
Food 2

The food was (clockwise from the top): Asian Inspired Scrambled Tofu, Hash Browns (they were mega tasty & spiced just right), Mushrooms and Spinach (drool), two Fried Tomatoes, Nuttelex (damn flash), Vegan Bacon (Cam loved it, but I have to say I prefer my Tofu Bacon over this, but it was smoky and tasty... Okay, I loved it too), half a dozen pieces of Sourdough toast (yummo!), and Baked Beans. I think my favourite thing was the mushrooms, but it ALL tasted great! The food was enough to keep us bursting for the next six hours (so we went and bought a Playstation 2 - long story).

You also get a tea/coffee and a juice. We screwed up and ordered shakes! Cam had a chocolate soy shake:
Choc Shake
I had a strawberry soy shake:
Strawberry shake

I also got a green tea - they had a cool tea infuser, so I took a photo of that too:

I was so proud of us, we finished the whole plate (there was seriously enough food for about four people on the plate):
Piggies empty plate

They had a few purty pictures around the place (the atmosphere was awesome). I took a pic of this one:
The Alibi Room is a funky cafe/bar in New Farm (720 Brunswick Street - that serves omni and vegan food. They've made a real effort to have vegan friendly options on their menu, so please give them a try next time you're in BrisVegas. The staff were really cool, they had tatts and cool t-shirts! Atmosphere was great - they had lots of paintings (as above) & the vibe was cool, not yuppyish (as you sometimes get in New Farm).

Checkout their online menu - they do mexican & vegan pizza with Cheezly! According to Cam, who heard from a friend who heard it from his housemate, the bacon is made by the same guys that make Cheezly. That would be Redwood:


Celine said...

it makes me crave having cool vegan restaurants in this area. or at least, ones that offer such delicious vegan options on their menu. that plate is making me feel full just by looking at it, awesome!

Theresa said...

Wow, everything looks great. That is SO MUCH FOOD! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who would have finished it off, though! I love the picture of the empty plate, with the mushroom juice mixing with the grease... so arty.

AJ said...

Just found ur site, loooove the name! I am so jealous, Im from NSW and have only recently gone vegan but no vegan restaurants where I live. Be good when Newcastle moves into the 21st century....

Amy said...

aj - checkout the following blog, there are a few cool vegans in your area who'd love to help you (I'm sure)! (This one is for vegans in Newcastle)

Don't forget - we've got a few Aussie threads going that should help.

Also checkout the vegsoc in QLD, from what I've heard they're the biggest veggie society in Oz: (but if anyone else knows, let me know?)

I'm probably arranging a cookie swap in July, so don't forget to check back!

Theresa - if you're ever down in Brisbane, we can have an eating comp... LOL


Rage And Love said...

i wish i had spiffy veg restaurants here in so cal. the only ones that i know of is...the Vegan Factory, Follow Your Heart, and California something (can't remember what it's called)
Anywho, I'm going to be opening up a vegan bakery in about 4 years (after I get my Bachelors in business [& a minor in Art!] and have 1 year at then vegan culinary school in Boulder, Colorado)
I have no idea what I just wrote...
Fabbity fab fab bloggy, by the way!

urban vegan said...

Must. Go. Now.

Country Girl said...

The only restaurant near here is a BBQ house. I'm so jealous!

Fiona Kate said...

I thought that I was the ONLY vegan is Brisbane (I am a long time vego, recently vegan). And I had no idea about the alibi room. Your blog is gorgeous, and I am twice as excited as now I have somewhere to go and eat!

Fiona Kate said...

So, to briefly follow up. Went to the alibi room for breakfast, and it was amazing! Actually, this is a bit of an understatement. Also tried out the vegan pizza from there last night, and it was suitably delicious. Thanks again for the bloggy recommendation.

Vanessa said...

Oh my god thank you for posting this! As a visiting veggie I thought the only place I could eat was Govinda's! I'm on my way to the Alibi Room right now!