Monday, 10 March 2008

No Food Today...

We're not starving, but I've been caught up in my new studies (and I've discovered Facebook - two years after everyone else).

If you haven't read Atonement by Ian McEwan yet - shame on you. Here's an interview from Australia's best journalist (remember his work in the 2007 election coverage?) Kerry O'Brien:

Also, a very nice boy has ordered me about six cookbooks for my birthday from Amazon. I'll post ecstatic pics in about a week, me thinks.

Lastly, I'm thinking of inventing a vegan fish and chip recipe (based on the "fish" that Cam uses for his RDO special). Anyone know how to make the batter they use in fish shops?

Hugs to everyone!

Amy (& Cam)

ETA: Have you seen these? Made me laugh so much I cried!

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