Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Soup or stew (or dip)?

I've often wondered to myself whether Cam's lentil soup is actually a soup or a stew. For that matter, what is the difference between soup and stew? When it's this tasty, does it really matter?

I bring this question up because Cam's in the middle of writing us some software to write down recipes (so we can post them on the site!), and he's changed the name of his Lentil Soup to Bean and Vegetable stew. I object. But seeing as I can put it on crackers (above is actually torn up pieces of
Mountain Bread baked in the oven topped with the previous night's soup), is it a fancy-schmancy dip?

Anyways, despite the introspection, it was really tasty (as evidenced below - can you tell I'm missing academic writing?)....

On the fake meat front we have these 'chicken' kebabs. They're basically the fake chicken nuggets from the chinese supermarket baked in the oven (we're avoiding frying like the plague) on kebab bread spread with hummous, and topped with lettuce, tabbouleh, tomatoes, mushroom, the chopped nuggets and topped with vegan mayonnaise. Cam surprised me with this for dinner after an awful day at work. Jealous?

One of the joys of winter is leeks. They're not available all year round - so they're extra special when we can get them! I've made this Leek and Bean Cassoulet from Veganomicon many times (I think I've posted pics at least once before). It's ridiculously good. I always add mushrooms just before it goes into the oven. I love how they explode in your mouth when eating. Drool!!!!

Last, but certainly not least (really? I had to go there? How cliched is that!!!) we found WHITE CHOCOLATE!!!!!
This is one of the vegan holy grails (if we were religiously inclined) apart from cheese that melts (thanks Teese, it's really not a tease at all seeing pictures of your cheese all over the PPK!!). We've found this at two Coles supermarkets in Brisbane thus far (Sunnybank and Redcliffe), so it's not that hard to find!!! You really must try it!

I'm hoping that Cam will have the recipe application done soon, we've got at least ten recipes that we can post (in pdf) so you don't have to read my rambling!


Mel said...

Surely the difference between a soup and a stew comes down to the how liquid-y it is...maybe?

That Cassoulet looks so good everytime someone posts an image that I really must make it!

Also, I've tried the sweet williams white chocolate and really liked it, but some omni friends thought it didn't taste anything like milk-laden white maybe it'll convince those that haven't had white chocolate for a while, but not everyone!


VeggieGirl said...

Whether it's a soup or a stew, it still looks equally delicious to me!! :0)

A vegan white chocolate bar?? Score!!

Katy said...

This just reminds me that I need to make the cassoulet still. It looks great!

Jamie said...

The white SW choc is in lots of Woolies stores too! :)

I'm so hungry for your fake chick kebab - it looks wonderful. I'm on a stupid diet :( I need it, but I hate it. I'm really craving chewy white seitan. and mayo. and bread. gah!

Vegetation said...

I define soup by how much liquid it contains and how watery or thick that liquid is.

YUM! I'll have me a chicken wrap please (and a husband who makes me one for when I get home :P)

My local woolies sells that white chocolate. Sadly it's made from soy :( Breaks my heart.