Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Vegan BLT

I've been craving Tofu Bacon (I get the recipe from Tempeh Bacon in VWAV, I really can't handle tempeh) for a few weeks now - we haven't had it since our four year anniversary about a month ago. So I got a bee in my bonnet and made BLTs! I marinated the tofu overnight (and got some marinade behind my ear, but that's an entirely new story) so it really soaked in. Make sure that you follow the directions from VWAV carefully, I always forget that you don't put the oil into the marinade - and the oil solidified on the bacon - it kinda looked gross, but it melted back after about 15 minutes on the bench.

I grabbed some fresh Turkish bread from Coles (it was on special - yay), an iceberg lettuce, an avocado, a coupla decent tomatoes, half an onion, half a dozen 'shrooms and some vegan soy mayonnaise. Assemble as you would a BLT.

We were a bit overexcited when we took these photos, possibly because we knew just how fantastic these would taste!!! So here's the BLT from a few different angles:

Open sandwich version:

Close up:

And from the side:

Ensure that you serve with an appropriately flavoured beverage. I chose to have a Mount Gay rum and Coke. Yum!

Except for the prep the night before, this is a really easy dinner (though there is a few dishes to wash, but it is really tasty, so hopefully your loved ones will be as overjoyed as Cam was and will gleefully do the dishes!). 11/10.

And the BLT smell will wash off with soap and water. But why would you want to get rid of that smell? Tee hee. Hope everyone's having a good week - I'm learning lots of new stuff at work & have discovered a way to include Richard Dawkins' notion of memes in my dissertation. It's always fun to use evolutionary theory.....


Theresa said...

Wow, that tofu bacon looks yummy! I haven't tried tempeh bacon, but I think the recipe would work better in the US--the tempeh I've tried here is mushy and bland, whereas in North America it is full of texture, nutty and flavourful. I steer clear of tempeh here, too, but if you ever find yourself in the US, give it another try.

I *really* need to get that cookbook. I've wanted it for ages, and everyone always talks about it.

Urban Vegan said...

Oh yummy yummy.

Amy said...

I found Vegan with a Vengeance in a Dymocks bookstore at one of our local shopping centres. It has a different cover & seems to be a bit less "wacky". Recipes look the same though.... Of course, I could just email you (from what I know & read, Isa isn't really that militant about the copyright on sharing recipes, but not the whole book - though I may be wrong).

RV Amy said...

I began my blog with an entry on BLTs. For the "mayo," we used silken tofu blended with a bit of balsamic vinegar and garlic. It was a great combination with the smokey "bacon."