Friday, 7 August 2009

Beans, beans the musical fruit

Gosh it’s hard to think of snappy blog post titles!  This one is extra lame (I want to hear groaning people!)… :)
Anyhoooo, Cam made a ridiculously AWESOME stew on Tuesday night.  Adzuki Bean Stew.  Yes, Adzuki beans can be used in savoury dishes.  This was really, Really, REALLY fantastic.  The flavours were just fantastic (probably all of that delicious smoked paprika).  I had it for lunch again the next day.  My only comment is that the dumplings weren’t bready enough.  A friend have us about 2kg of dried Adzuki beans, so we will DEFINITELY be trying this again (I’m thinking of using the dumpling recipe from the Leek and Bean Cassoulet from Vcon and tweaking it).  I believe the recipe for this is here – from the printed copy on the bench, it looks like Cam put it into metric! (Maths can be useful)
You really MUST try this recipe!!!
Adzuki Bean Stew
And, just because I get more comments when I post purdy things, witness the crapilly made, but very pretty quilt I made during uni break!


The Voracious Vegan said...

Ooooh! I don't care if it is summer and 120F outside, I LOVE soup and stews and I'm going to make them when I want! And this one looks gooood. Seriously scrumptious.

Love that quilt, those are some of my favorite colors!

Amy said...

Thanks - the stew is pretty tasty - I don't really follow the seasonal recipes ('cause otherwise I'd be having boring salad at Xmas!).
I love the quilt too - just wish I'd done a better job!

Vegetation said...

I'm at the point where I've given up on headings!

I am loving the look of this soup. Anything with smoked paprika in it has my name all over it!

And I love the quilt too! We desperately need a new quilt. My sewing skills leave much to be desired however so I have to stick with boring store bought one's :(