Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Not all vegan food looks like baby food

Just the tasty stuff!  Vegan Chilli Con Non-Carne from Hot Damn and Hell Yeah! Recipies for Hungry Banditos and the Dirty South Vegan Cookbook by Ryan Splint:
Vegan Chilli Con Non-Carne
Really REALLY yummy.  I added canned corn (thank you Coles – 3 for $4!!!)  We had it with Cornbread (not pictured).  Fan-freaking-tastic dinner.


Theresa said...

HD & HY is one of our favourite cookbooks. I love the campy way he writes in a southern twang. Knowing he's from wollongong makes me picture him doing that accent with undertones of Aussie, and it makes me giggle. Plus, the foods damn good too!

Amy said...

I didn't know he was from the 'gong! That's so cool.

I love the cookbook because all the ingredients are so cheap! (I'm looking at you cookbooks that require 2 pounds of leeks).

Brabantia said...

WOW! the colour is really intense.

copper canyon grill boca raton said...

I will get this cookbook at well. :)