Wednesday, 2 May 2007

I'm behind the times - Seitan O'Greatness

I'm normally behind the times on all the cool vegan stuff, but I finally found gluten flour in Brisbane (it's known just as gluten flour in Australia - you can find it in lots of health food stores). Thus, I was FINALLY able to make the Seitan O'Greatness - the recipe was posted on the PPK forum last year(Lachesis' recipe)....

Here's my first attempt - I've cut it into slices:

And put it on a pizza! (Sauce is from VWAV - so much cheaper than buying pizza sauce BTW):Pizza

I love making pizza from scratch - the base is so much more tasty & healthy this way (and I get "cheese" - this one uses Cheezly & it looks a bit like pinapple chunks)..... YUMMO!

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