Friday, 25 May 2007

Tonight's dinner and dessert!

We're going out to a family get-together tonight (it's my aunt's birthday!) & all the omni's are having roast & veggies, so I thought I'd do a traditional type dish for us.

Voila! I present mini shepherds pies!


And I also made cookies for dessert, gee what a surprise! I got a cookie stamper last night (it kinda looks like a gun. Anyways, I was able to make purty flowers.... Recipe is Gingerbread Cut-Out Cookies from La Dolce Vegan.

Cookies and soy milk

I'm snacking on a few right now with soy milk (as you can see)! Here's a closeup of the cookie magic:


I'm definitely looking forward to dinner & dessert tonight!!!

Update: everyone loved the pies (except my big sister insisted on calling them party pies - ARRGGHH!!!) and the cookies. But there's no surprise there, everyone always love my cookies. Maybe I should change the name of the blog to be Iron Chef Cookie? :)

Edit 28/05 (partly to get out of study & partly to share my easy recipe):

Contents of the pies:
Fry up a teaspoon/clove of garlic (of course I add about three, but then again, I hate vampires. No wait, I LOVE vampires!! Especially if they're on Buffy... But I digress) in olive oil. Add a whole chopped onion and fry until transparent. Add a tin of Sanitarium casserole mince (it's a wheat gluten product), half a dozen chopped 'shrooms, a handful each of frozen peas and corn, and approx three dessert spoons (heaped) of Orgran vegan gravy (available in the health food section of Coles). Add a bit of water (I'm not sure exactly, a slurp)? And stir until it looks tasty.

Add to the pie crusts that you've already blind baked in the oven (we've found that the low-fat puff pastry from the supermarket (not sure which brand) is vegan - not the butter one) and top with mashed potatoes. Make sure that your mash has extra margarine in it - it helps with the crunchy top.

Bake until you get a nice crunchy top - I usually check the pastry & chuck it under the grill to finish (I don't like burned pastry).



chengwa said...

these look great! the cookies and the pies...mmmmm.

Celine said...

oh how I love my cookie press too! your cookies look smashing.

Theresa said...

I love when omni family members enjoy vegan offerings! That was one of my favourite things about christmas with Andy's family--they were all so receptive of the vegan things I made, and everyone except his dad tried things like tofu.

If you can't win people over with cookies, then I think they're hopeless!

Vegetation said...

Mmmm those pies look fantastic! What did you put in them? I love pies!

Cookies look awesome too of course :D

Kittenbutt said...

Wow that Shepherd's Pie looks yummy!