Sunday, 29 April 2007

Four Year Anniversary Breakfast

It was our four year anniversary on Tuesday, so we went to see Irish comic Dylan Moran (I cried from laughing so much that I skulled 1 litre of water upon our return). For dinner that night we had leftover Pad Thai, but the next morning we cooked up a storm!!!

Tofu bacon w. hash browns & waffles:

And I insisted that we have waffles & ice-cream for dessert (at 10am):

Here's the pattern of the waffles all on their own - I think they're pretty:

And we enjoyed this breakfast whilst watching three episodes of Arrested Development (yes, we're behind the times, but we're in Australia - surely that's an excuse?).... ;)


Theresa said...

What kind of ice cream do you get? I've tried So Good Bliss (money back rebate last month), and it is yummy. Are there more choices in Brisbane?

Amy said...

There's Soy Delicious, but it's even more expensive than the SoGood stuff & only available at one health food store. There's a vegan ice-cream blog, but you generally need your own ice-cream machine to make (and I've seen cheapish ones at KMart over the last coupla months):

tofufreak said...

Hey i have the same wafflemaker!! haha

Anonymous said...

What brand of waffle machine is that?

BTW, nice looking waffles! ;)