Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Fresh Spring Rolls

These have to be one of my favourite dinners for in front of the TV (they're interactive!).


Package of Rice Wrappers
Marinated Tofu (I'm lazy & use a pack of marinated tofu, but you can marinade your own. Spicy Thai is good & also a mellow Chinese "honey" soy is good too)
Vermicelli (you won't need a whole pack - get the ones that have a few servings & use one)
Various veggies (I usually use carrot, cucumber, 'shrooms)
Herbs (mint & coriander is my fave)
Hoisin (vegan)
Sweet Chilli Sauce


Cut up the veggies & grill the tofu (my mum got me a health grill a few years ago & it is the best for making low-fat crunchy tofu). Slice the tofu up into sticks - 1cm x 4 or 5cm.
Arrange attractively (or stick it in a big pile!):

Make a dipping sauce with the hoisin, sweet chilli & garlic. I usually get a heaping teaspoon (or two) of minced garlic, cover it with sweet chilli sauce & add hoisin until I'm happy with the colour (it needs to be fairly dark):

"Cook" the vermicelli according to directions (I normally put in a heat proof bowl & add boiling water until I'm happy with the level of 'cookedness').....

Boil another kettle of water & add to the biggest bowl you have in the house (I have a monstrous pasta bowl). Dip the rice wrappers in the hot water (careful, it's hot!) & drip for a few seconds to remove excess water (otherwise they'll be soggy & unmanageable). Arrange your ingredients on the wrapper (I like putting the sauce in the middle of the roll - usually on the noodles - so much easier than dipping & re-dipping - and less messy!!).

Here's the results - I was too hungry to take a wrapped pic, but you get the idea!!!


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