Wednesday, 4 September 2013

VeganMofo 2013: Day 4.1 - Wherein Cam duels salmonella... and wins!

For dinner tonight, I decided to use up the out-of-date Redwood Chorizo we've had floating around at the back of the fridge for a while. Since we haven't yet experienced explosive diarrhoea, intense nausea or projectile vomiting, I'd say we got away with it. Used-by dates are for suckers.

I basically grabbed everything that seemed Italian and threw it in the frypan together. I dug out a few other ingredients after I took that photo, so it's not complete.

Mmmm... expired small goods. Delicious!

Raided the booze cupboard for some leftover wine.

When I tasted the sauce near the end, I realised some olives would go great in it, but alias, none were at hand. Not to be discouraged, I hunted right at the back of the cupboard - you know - the neglected dusty bottom shelf with the baby beetroot and creamed corn. And I wasn't disappointed - the universe provided! Sliced black olives, probably only a couple of years past their prime too. After a find like that, I wasn't brave enough to check the expiry on them. Gift-horse, mouth, all that.

Off camera - Amy's pro wooden spoon tilting skillz.

This fake parmesan is awesome.

Amy's pro grating skillz in action.

Please excuse my gratuitous overuse of aperture in the photos... I just got my first SLR and I'm still in that early stage that every new SLR owner goes through where everything looks better with a blurry background and half the subject out of focus.


Mel said...

Haha, I don't pay that much attention to use by dates either - much better to trust your eyes and nose I reckon. I haven't tried that chorizo or the cheezly parmesan but both of them sound great, I'll have to keep an eye out for them.

Kate said...

You give a whole new meaning to hunter gatherer! By the by, having worked for a food wholesaler, tinned stuff is usually ok way past best before unless its dented :)

Johanna GGG said...

I bought that parmesan today - glad to hear you love it - and I have a carefree disdain for best by dates - always worth a try rather than chucking out good food

Amy said...

It is good. Last time we bought the Parmesan Cam got that and the Cheddar style mixed up and ate it all on crackers. Ha!

Susan said...

Yay! I often experiement with things beyond their used by dates. I stand here before you, yet to die. ;)
Looks pretty good!

AG said...

I used Bounty Bites that were expired by a week or something. Being frozen food, I thought that would be OK and it was! :)
I quite like this recipe by the way :)and I am glad the battle over salmonella is won :)