Sunday, 22 September 2013

VeganMofo 2013: Post 18-Breakfast, brought to you by the colour beige (and more info on last night’s dinner)

Last night’s dinner was delicious – I basically read the recipe and riffed off it.  I used dried seaweed strips because I didn’t have any kelp powder and I basically just put a lot of flavourings into the crumbs instead of adding it to the arrowroot powder (nooch, dried dill, oregano, dried garlic).  It just wasn’t fishy though.  I used to have a seaweed liquid thing that basically made things fishy, but I haven’t tracked it down.  The tartare sauce was freaking amazing though.  NOM!
Onto today’s food. 
On the left – Peanut Butter Fudge (this recipe).  Cheatin (Redwood) fake roast beef and rolls from Coles.  Super non-healthy breakfast.  NOM!!

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Susan said...

Peanut fudge for breakfast? My brain hurts just thinking about that early morning sugar onslaught. ;)