Monday, 23 September 2013

VeganMofo 2013: Post 19-Mac and Cheeze Monday–the Mac Daddy of the Mac and Cheezes

This is the fourth Monday we’ve had Mac and Cheeze.  I decided to go back and try something that I should have tried a long LONG time ago: the Veganomicon “Mac Daddy”.  This is a pretty damn healthy recipe – about 3T olive oil is all the fat in it (tofu has no fat, right?). 

It does use at least 4 containers though (two saucepans, whatever vessel you use for the tofu – I was lazy and used the food processor, and the final baking dish), as opposed to my normal mac and cheeze which uses a single saucepan.

My verdict?  Pretty freaking good.  The extra tofu makes me feel less guilty about eating pasta (the protein factor) and it’s got a lot less fat too.

Cam’s favourite of the month is still the mac and cheeze in the MacShroom.  But he isn’t the one who generally cooks pasta, so we know who's favourite’s going to end up being cooked more Winking smile

The ugly photo (ugly because you can’t take good photos of mac and cheeze!!!):


Cam’s off for the next few days, so I’ve requested stuff from Vegan Sandwiches Save The Day.  Best find (in my bookshelf) of the mofo in my opinion!


Dawn said...

Mac and Cheeze Monday was a brilliant call by the mofo team. So glad you've been following and enjoying that call.

Amy said...

Thanks! I agree - best theme EVER. I want to do Mac and Cheeze Monday for the rest of the year. So many new recipes to try!

Dawn said...

That's a good idea!

Amy said...

Definitely. I want to continue blogging after Mofo. Probably can do two to three posts a week. Definitely need to work on better drafting and photography though.

Susan said...

I would definitely love to see you blogging mac and cheese every Monday. :D