Friday, 27 September 2013

VeganMofo 2013: Post 21–Super quick post of last night’s dinner!

2013-09-26 19.46.05

Photo from my phone!  From the bottom right in clockwise direction: Fry’s Schnitzel with bottled Ariabiatta sauce and notzarella, leftover tempeh “fishsticks” from the Unfishwiches and green salad.  The Schnitzel parma was pretty damn good.

The ice-cream maker arrived!  I’m waiting for the bowl to fully freeze to make the first concoction.


AG said...

Looking good Amy :)

Susan said...

Yay ice cream maker! My parents got me a super fancy one several years ago, but I hardly ever use it. This summer I must make amends.

Mel said...

Oh yum, Fry's schnitzel parmas are one of my favourite convenience meals!