Sunday, 8 September 2013

VeganMofo 2013: Post 9 Grilled Seitan Noodle Salad (Seitan Bo Bun)

So I’m starting to count the posts, rather than list them by day.  For one, Cam and I are both posting at will, so it’s hard to keep up with the day numbering, and secondly, I appear to have missed a post for Friday and I’m ashamed!  So I’m covering my tracks.  As you may have guessed, I’m trying to write each day’s post the night before and post them while I’m reading the news at breakfast.  It worked for a few days until I got sick.  Oh well!


So back to food.  I made Grilled Seitan Noodle Salad (Seitan Bo Bun) from Vegan Eats World last night.  My friend Melissa came over to avoid the election news (sooooooo depressing, bye bye progressive politics in Australia for 6yrs).  If you make this recipe properly it takes at least three hours.  Firstly you need to make the Chinese Five Spice Seitan, let that rest for an hour, make the seitan marinade, put the seitan in the marinade, then make the sauce for the salad, chop up all the veggies, cook the rice noodles, grill the seitan and assemble the salad.  Oh, and juice about 10 limes in the process.  And then you need to photograph Smile


It was delicious!  The sauce is amazing, but very spicy.  I maintain it’s helping me get over this cold/flu thing.


I took this photo and I’m pretty proud of it!  Not as good as Cam’s.  Go Auto mode!


Terry’s cookbook (Vegan Eats World) is great, but there are a lot of random ingredients.  I was searching for green papaya or unripe mango yesterday (no luck) for the Thai Shredded Mango Salad and I discovered that I also needed “Golden Mountain Sauce”.  Is that the best name for a sauce ever?


So today’s discussion question: what’s your favourite random ingredient?  I know that discussing the hilarious names of Asian ingredients occasionally sounds racist, but they’re so damn cute!  There’s Chinese Mahogany sauce (which we’ve used in Malaysian stuff before), and Golden Mountain sauce.  Surely other areas of the world have equally interesting names for food?


Susan said...

I think you should come and make this at my house to help my cold. LOL
Where did you get the Golden Mountain Sauce from?
I cannot think of any random fun ingredients at the moment, even though I must have a zillion of them in the pantry with my random fun buying habits. LOL

Amy said...

I haven't actually gotten it yet, but I did a Google and found it at the Thai place @ Milton and there's a couple of Thai Australian websites that sell it.

Hope you get better!

Johanna GGG said...

yes the election was depressing - - I too spent hours on dinner and later thought maybe it had been to avoid thinking about politics - 10 limes is a lot but golden mountain sauce sounds like fun - I quite like the name dragonfruit - it is quite rare down here but it always seems such a cute name for a fruit - hope you are feeling better (well the illness will be easier to get over than the politics)

Mel said...

I want to make this now, it looks so good! Do you have a decent sized Asian supermarket nearby? I was able to find Golden Mountain sauce at my local one although I can't remember which of the Vegan Eats World recipes I have used it in now. Hope you are recovering for your cold/flu...

Amy said...

There's a couple of Asian Grocers in the valley - I'm planning on heading there soon to stock up!

I am recovering slowly, thanks!

Mandee said...

I've never heard of Golden Mtn sauce! But this meal looks lovely and now I feel bad that I still have not used VEW, bad me.