Sunday, 29 September 2013

VeganMofo 2013: Post 22-Simple dinner

Cam cooked a lot this week (he had days off and I’m generally super tired after a day in court).  He definitely has really good instincts for what goes well together.  I had my doubts, but this was definitely good.
Lemongrass ‘chicken’ (Explore Asia Soybean Chicken from Green Edge) on baguette with a side salad.  The Lemongrass was a lemongrass sauce Cam got from a Thai grocer in the valley.
This was really good.  That soybean ‘chicken’ is pretty tasty.  If I’m correct, it’s the stuff they use at Green Edge for the fake bacon for breakfasts.  Yum!!!

Oh, had to add this.  It's been doing the rounds on Facebook and is freaking hilarious! I'm The Masked Hummus.  Cam's The Almighty Nooch.  Lol.

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