Saturday, 7 September 2013

VeganMofo 2013: Day 6–Pizza

I had planned to make taco pizza for dinner last night, but I just got lazy.  

So I made P Pizza – Potato and Pepperoni (using Tofurky Pepperoni and Notzarella cheese) on a barbeque base (pizza sauce and barbeque sauce mixed together).  The dough was my usual Vegan With a Vengeance recipe.

It was delicious!  And the leftovers were awesome for breakfast.



I’m about to run out and vote (yay democracy) and I’m planning on doing Saturday’s post later tonight, but in the meantime, what’s your go-to pizza topping?  I’m finding that I just use Tofurky Pepperoni by default – I tend to be exhausted by the time I’m done making the dough that opening a package is all I can handle.


Susan said...

I love potato on pizza.
My favourite pizza toppings are potato and rosemary, Hawaiian with black olives and BBQ sauce with roasted vegetables.

Mel said...

I love having leftover pizza for breakfast too! I've never been that much of a fan of potato on pizza but I haven't tried it for ages - perhaps I should give it another shot.