Thursday, 10 January 2008

I got into law school!

I get to be poor for the next four years! I'm super excited!

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Pass the Pasta!

Yes, that is a super lame post title!

I had the girls from uni over on Friday night 'cause one of our friends was visiting from Adelaide (we miss you Tif!). We went to see Atonement and I cooked for three hours! Atonement was awesome. We're all big fans of Ian McEwan's work 'cause our thesis supervisor wrote her Ph. D on his novels. Read the book before you see the film!

Down to the reason you're here: food!

I made a bastardized version of the spinach and ricotta filling from Nonna's Italian Kitchen using the Cashew Ricotta from Veganomicon. I added a packet of frozen spinach, a handful of fresh basil (from my pot in the kitchen - it's the only thing I can actually grow!) and a shake of dried basil. I made a batch of the chickpea pasta from Nonna, and proceeded to make ravioli. Rolling out the pasta and filling it took 2.5 hours! Now I remember why I only make fresh pasta on special occasions. I need a pasta mold or similar.

Anyway, here 'tis with a modified Marinara Sauce from V-con (I added zucchini!).

I also made my usual olive foccacia. I used smoked olives from the divine deli that my brother works at!

The whole Shebang:

A few days before I made the Pumpkin Ziti filling, but I put it in cannelloni!

Here it is from the side too!

Hope everyone's having a fun summer. It's not raining in Brizzy anymore, much to my dismay. Only three more sleeps to see if I got into law school! And Cam starts med school in two weeks (actually it was two weeks yesterday)! Exciting times....

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Amy's second vegan-versary

Howdy everyone! I went vegan two years ago today!

We had friends over for dinner on Saturday, so I made the Veganomicon Moussaka. In fact, it was a VWAV and Veganomicon meal!

Chickpea cutlets! I made a triple batch (thanks to Mr Food Processor). I think I overcooked them slightly...

But they were uber yummy with the tasty mustard sauce from V-con (we used red wine). This is so good! I'm loving mustard more these days. I think my tastebuds are growing up (I realised I'm turning 27 in about two months - eek!).

We had the cutlets with VWAV sesame asparagus. This is the fastest side dish ever!!!!

Then, there was the moussaka. This is insanely tasty. It takes a while (and I need to slice the eggplant more thinly). The tomato sauce was delicate & the pine nut cream/custard was awesome. 11/10!!! In whole form:

On the side:

Upclose (which, to be honest, is pretty similar to on the side):

And to finish, the lovely view from my window (it's raining, yay!)