Thursday, 24 July 2008

Unhealthy yumminess

Howdy.  Yes, I'm a lazy blogger, but between work, my trip to Melbourne (blurry pics will be in the next post!) and other stuff, it's been a little busy.  Enough empty apologies, you came here to see food pictures!
Vegan Fish & Chips
Vegan Fish and Chips!!!!  We took the Vegetarian Cod Fish slices (available from Asian grocer - it's like an oval shape with seaweed around the outside), mushrooms and leek circles and made a batter with the following (actually, I just mixed the dry ingredients and added liquid as required):
1 cup plain flour, 1 tsp Baking Powder, 1/2 cup cornflour, 2 tsp salt, 1tsp sugar.  To make a full batch add 1 cup water and 1tsp oil.
Take to your mum's house when everyone else is having fish and chips and make everyone jealous with your fried goodies.  And OMG, deep fried leeks and mushrooms are just DROOL-worthy.  Seriously.
Cheezley and Luncheon Burger
Amy and Cam's lazy burger (makes one burger):
Take 2 Fry's Burgers and bake along with 4 slices of Sanitarium luncheon.  About 10 mins after the beginning of cooking, add slices of Cheddar style Cheezely.  Assemble with tomato sauce and american mustard.  Pretty damn good.  The baking of the cheezely kinda enhances the cheddar goodness.
I'm waiting for permission to post details of the recipe for the lasagne (which is made up of about 3 different recipes)!  So here's a sneak peek!
Vegan Lasagne
It's fricking freezing here in Brisbane (or as I now like to call it - Brisneyland - thanks Bec!).
IronChefAmy out.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Lazy vegan food

Howdy! We've been incredibly lazy the last week when it comes to cooking. I've been spending most of my time sequestered on the couch knitting a scarf (I'm hoping to be done on Saturday - pics will follow) and Cam's been back at med school (ha ha! I still have about a week left of holidays!). So no intensive cookery sessions! So lazy food it has been.....

Cheezeburgers! We used Cheddar Cheezely and English Muffins, topped with American Mustard and Tomato Sauce. So unhealthy. SOOOOO tasty.

Yes, this is jam on bread. Raspberry jam on bread. The jam was made by my uncle (he lives in Launceston). Best damn jam in the world.
I've kinda made up an awesome recipe for vegan lasagna (my nephew calls is assnia - it's funny in the voice of a four year old), so hopefully next post will be pictures and recipe!
Iron Chef Amy out.

Monday, 7 July 2008

DIY Indian Feast

I often brag about Cam's skills as a chef (or as he'll now be known, Iron Chef Cam) when it comes to Asian delights. He really is very good!

Here's an example of just how good he is (be prepared for extreme jealousy!). A couple of weeks ago we took pity on my Dad and made him dinner (Mum was overseas for work). Cam made an extra yummy Indian feast!.

Tomato Glazed Sour Chickpeas from The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking.

Chilli Potatoes by Iron Chef Cam - recipes to the right!
These are pretty hot, but OMG they're incredible!

Mung Bean Dahl - Iron Chef Cam

And my absolute favourite at the moment, Potato and Cauliflower Curry by Iron Chef Cam.

Yummy! Dad sweated a bucketful (as always). Tee hee.

Here's a later meal - Mushroom and Pea Curry by Iron Chef Cam. The recipe's in the recipe list to the right.

Hopefully I can get myself organised before uni goes back to add some of my original creations.

Please have a go and let us know what you think!
Email us at ironchefvegan AT

The incredibly dorky Iron Chefs.

P.S. I heard Hiroyuki Sakai was in Brisbane yesterday and I missed out!!! :(

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Finally, some recipes!

I've finally uploaded some of my recipes and some of the recipes that Amy and I were taught by a Malaysian chef. Feel free to leave me feedback.

In a couple of recipes, I may not have explained what a curry mud is. All it means is to mix the curry powder, turmeric, etc with a little water until the result is somewhat like a dryish mud. This can then be gently fried in a wok with plenty of oil. The Malaysian Curry recipe should have a good explaination of this procedure. I learnt it when I was taught this recipe and nowdays use it for pretty much every curry I cook.