Thursday, 21 January 2016

Week 2 review / Week 3 partial review/plans

Sooooo, I couldn't be arsed blogging on Sunday, so here's the review of last week and what we've done so far this week!

The Tofu Reuben on Monday night was really good.  I took leftovers to work the next day.  We used biocheese (I think?)

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The Lemongrass Tofu Bahn Mi was amaaaaazing as always:

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The rest of the week went downhill 'cause I went out for drinks on both Thursday and Friday night. Lawyering requires frequent consumption of alcohol.

Saturday night we had the Caesar salad wraps with blackened tempeh from the Real Food Daily Cookbook. Dressing was different, but fairly tasty. Terrible photo:

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On Sunday night we made pizza. We actually made 11 mini pizzas. They freeze really well and are good reheated (we have one of those convection microwaves). We only ate four. I made some of the mozzarella from scratch using Miyoko's latest mozzarella recipe:

On Monday this week we finally had the Perfected Chickpea Salad - I made them on wraps. Really good. It was so nice I had it for lunch twice!

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Which leads me to all the tacos! My copy of Taco Cleanse FINALLY arrived, so it's all tacos for the forseeable future. This was the infinite "Fish" tacos using Gardein. The coleslaw recipe says it makes enough for 12 tacos. That should read at least 24-30 tacos. It's really delicious though.

We've been eating more tacos over the last few days to use up all that delicious coleslaw. I'm thinking of doing the scramble tofu, 'bacon' and 'cheese' tacos for breakfast on Saturday and maybe the 'brisket' tacos on Sunday night. I don't feel cleansed. Yet. :) Otherwise, I have no real cooking plans - going to wing it! It's the week for breaking new years resolutions anyway.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Week 2, in which I run out of ideas and question whether this has any point at all

Dear reader, this week's theme is sandwiches.


  1. Starting in a new team at work
  2. They are easy to take to work the next day
  3. We love carbohydrates.
The menu:

Sunday:Gardein crabless cakes with homemade tartare and chips 
Monday: Tofu Reuben (over tempeh right now)
Tuesday: Lemongrass tofu bahn mi (recipe downloaded from the web a long long time ago on a different pc)
Wednesday: leftover bahn mi (see, the laziness has already set in)
Thursday: Caesar salad with blackened tempeh pg 96 Real Food Daily cookbook
Friday: Perfected chickpea salad sandwich pg 405 The Oh She Glows Cookbook 
Saturday: TBA, probably a stuffed pasta.

I cheated this week, for we have already consumed dinner tonight (Sunday). I do hope you forgive me.

Happy vegan eating!

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Week 1 roundup

Hi everyone!

Hope your week was awesome.

Our food adventures were okay. Here are a few pics:
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Highlights of the week - the pizza and crumble on Friday, the well-dressed bowl on Wednesday. The black bean burritos (not shown, but 'grammed here) was back to it's usual awesomeness.

Disappointment of the week - the macaro-no cheese.  That thing just tasted like coconut-pumpkin soup.  I added a ton of nooch, nutmeg, salt, pepper and mustard powder.  Even after that, all I could taste was coconut.  If making this in the future, I'd advise skipping the coconut, it just overwhelms everything.

I'll post the Week 2 menu in a separate post.  Happy vegan eating everyone!

Sunday, 3 January 2016

2016 - I'm baaaaack

Hi everyone!  Long time, no blog!

I am heading into a crazy busy first half of the year due to the work project that I'm on.  So I thought it would be a good time to re-start blogging!

Anyway, since I last blogged, we bought a house!  We adopted three ridiculously cute fur babies! I now work at a different job!

My hope this year (apart from losing a bit of weight because I eat when I'm stressed, and work was INSANE from October to December) is to start doing some menu planning.  Cam's doing a lot of night shifts and I work late a lot, so having some dinner menus planned may help (and will aid me by having awesome lunches to take the next day!).  I can only hope.

Anyhoooo, here's this week's menu:

Sunday night: Pineapple-Cashew-Quinoa Stir-Fry from Veganomicon (p175-6)
Monday night: Macaro-No Cheese with Crispy Kale from Keep It Vegan (p76) - will probably add some tofu or tempeh to up the protein content.
Tuesday night: Black bean tacos
Wednesday night: Well-Dressed Tofu Bowls from The Great Vegan Protein Book (p130)
Thursday night: Curry-Barbecue Soy Curls Bowls from Eat Like You Give A Damn (p142)
Friday night: Pizza in the pizza oven!
Saturday night: Complicated dinner

I love making a complicated meal on a Saturday night when I have the time.  I usually make a dessert as well.

Here's hoping that I stick to the plan!

And to close, here's my three fur babies!  The black one is Neil DeCat Tyson, the tortoiseshell one is Cat Sagan and the orange one is Catpurrnicus.  Yes, we have named them all after scientists.

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