Sunday, 1 June 2014

VeganMofo 2013: Day 3-in which I succumb to the deliciousness that is sugar

Dear Reader,

There are two things I love about being vegan: the first is carbohydrates, the second is sugar (yes, I know carbohydrates convert to sugar in the body).

While spending more than a few hours reading vegan blogs on the weekend (for the first time in forever), I decided that I should, nay must, make a cheezecake.  A work colleague had gifted me a medium quantity of home grown limes and lemons.  The lemons have almost all been consumed in Mexican food (I got them last week and there was 8 of them, which gives you an idea of how much I make burritos for dinner!) but I hadn’t touched the lemons.  Normally I stay away from lemons – a childhood of lemon scented dishwashing liquid leaves me incapable of smelling lemons without thinking of dishes – but I really wanted cheezecake.

Alas, I had no biscuits in the cupboard (I generally make ours and SOMEONE consumes them all within 24-36 hours of them leaving the oven) so it had to be a mousse.  I saw the Little Lemon Mousse Pies in Vegan Pie in the Sky and figured that the filling would work on its own (and I’d been able to successfully hide the raw cashews from Cam for nigh on three weeks!).

I also had an embarrassment of strawberries.

Here’s the result:

It was of a goodly and delicious quality.  I’m definitely making it again!