Sunday, 15 February 2009

Why yes, I have turned into the crazy bag lady

Iron Chef Vegan has been returning to old favourites - Get Sconed's Mac and Cheeze, Burritos, Vietnamese Spring Rolls.  I really haven't been doing much in the way of cooking because of the machine.
The sewing machine.
And so, I have turned into the crazy bag lady:
Kitty Bag
I bought this pattern before Christmas along with the fabric.  I loved the fabric so much I didn't want to fuck it up!  So I waited until I was sure that I could actually sew properly!
In the kitty bag
I'm really proud of this one!  It looks pretty damn good.
I really really REALLY love this fabric.
I love this fabric
Thus, I have embarked on a ridiculous quest to make a lot of handbags for friends and family.
Spotty Bag
This one's for my mum (hopefully she doesn't check this blog in the next hour!).
In the spotty bag
Vegan homemade handbags rock!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Needle and thread

Hey everyone.
As requested, here's a bit of a look back at the craptacular items I've been sewing.
Item 1 - The sack dress.
Sack dress
This was the first thing I sewed.  I haven't worn it yet (and I finished it the week before Christmas.  Any suggestions?  I thought a band below the bust, empire line style might make it wearable....  I love the fabric though.
Item 2 - The Xmas Top
Xmas top
Lesson number two - always make the bottom of an item extra long so it covers what you want to cover!.  I wore this on Christmas day.  I still love it.  But it reminds me that I need to lose that 7 kilos.
Item 3 - The Amy Butler In Town Bag (the easy non-pattern one)
Amy Butler In Town Bag 1
This was the first time I actually did a proper lining (and use proper interfacing - I have a ginormous roll that I got from Spotlight now!).  I use this constantly.  So awesome.  But I never match my top and my handbag.  A little too tacky for my tastes.
Item 4 - The pyjama shorts that look like boardies
Pyjama Boardshorts
I think I'm detecting a preference for frangipanis! 
And just because I think the fabric is faaabulous:
Purdy Fabric
Of course, I now have a fabric buying addiction.  Today I bought no less than three pieces of fabric (6.5 metres!)
Scissor Fabric
1.5 metres of fancy cotton.  I was going to make a skirt, but then I remembered that I don't wear skirts.  Probably an off the shoulder top.
Skirt or top
Polyester/cotton/lycra/I have no idea....  Isn't it so retro?  Probably will be a work top.
And finally, the favourite thing in my stash.  The fabric I waited for an hour to buy at Spotlight.  I bought three metres because it's that cute:
Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous The feminist in me likes to think that this is how happy all women will look when we finally beat down patriarchy.  I have no idea what this one will make.  I'm thinking some sort of handbag lining (I have a fetish for handbags, yet another reason to take up sewing - vegan homemade handbags!).
And just because this is meant to be a food blog:
Mmmm sprinkles
The caption should read: Mmmm sprinkles.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

We're not dead, we're just busy

Yeah, yeah, I've been a slack blogger for about four months now.  I have an excuse - I bought a sewing machine, so I haven't been doing much in the way of cooking!
From what I remember I've made Get Sconed's Mac and Cheeze (with added mustard) and various stir-fries and salad.  While the Mac and Cheeze was awesome, everything else has been well, meh.
So, my blogtacular readers, I will leave you with this blurry picture that I don't remember taking.  It was taken from my front verandah on what I can assume was a stinking hot day.
More blogging soon.  With sewing!  (Maybe I'll have to change the name to Padawan sewer and Iron Chef Vegan or something lame).....
Iron Chef Amy out....
Also - you have to check out this fabric I found online.  I didn't stop laughing for five minutes!