Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Mmmm Caesar Salad….

So yeah, summer’s over!  Where did my holidays go?
It’s been lovely keeping up with everyone’s blogs.  I think the Australian vegan blogging world is waiting with baited breath for Theresa and Andy’s nuptials (or is it just me?)!
Anyhoooo, uni is back and I’m crazy busy as always.  I’m going to try to do short blogs, rather than long exciting ones this semester.  Four law subjects + 3 days a week of work = Amy gets no sleep!
So, Cam decided that we needed a garden (and I agreed), so we got some mini hothouses from Bunnings (‘cause we have very active possums!).
Checkout the awesome cos lettuce – isn’t this stuff meant NOT to grow so vertically?
Cos lettuce
So I made Veganomicon Caesar Salad with Fry’s Chickeny Strips (I have no recollection of the name and I’m not linking to their uber annoying flash website!) and Redwood fake bacon.  Damn this was tasty!
Salad Hopefully it won’t be another three months before I post again!