Monday, 2 March 2009

I’m older, not wiser…

Hey everyone – where’s February gone?  I started back at uni today (had my first Criminal Law lecture – the law is really for the rich white folk, isn’t it?).  So here’s my boring February catchup.
It was my friend Tiffany’s birthday mid month.  I, of course, made her a handbag, but she gave me the wrong address.  Have you gotten this yet Tif?  If not, you’ll have to wait until the middle of the year for me to make you another!
Tiffany's birthday bag
Isn’t the fabric purdy?
Food.  Mmmmmm fooooooooood
Tofu Beetroot and Sweet Potato Salad
Fancy tofu, beetroot and sweet potato salad.  ‘Twas yummy (I baked everything except the greens)
Tofu and Potatoes
This is the tofu and potato dish from Vegan With A Vengeance.  It’s too hot to move to the bookcase to find it.  Seriously – I’m so sweaty my arms are getting stuck to the desk here!
Grotesque but tasty lasagne
I call this grotesque, but tasty lasagne.  Double recipe of my usual white sauce with a bolognaise made out of (fake) chicken nuggets, with a layer of sliced mushrooms and lasagne sheets.  Crack in a pan baby.
Cam's fancy tasty salad
Cam made this for me while I watched the Oscars (I had the day off work – yay!).  There’s marinated mushrooms, fancy tomatoes, sundried tomato oil, fried fry’s burgers (ha), macadamias, greens and yummy white bread.  Mmmmmm I wonder if I can get this for dinner tonight?
And, ‘cause I’m a dork, here’s Charlie from my law group’s stand at Market Day.  Isn’t he cool?