Sunday, 10 January 2016

Week 2, in which I run out of ideas and question whether this has any point at all

Dear reader, this week's theme is sandwiches.


  1. Starting in a new team at work
  2. They are easy to take to work the next day
  3. We love carbohydrates.
The menu:

Sunday:Gardein crabless cakes with homemade tartare and chips 
Monday: Tofu Reuben (over tempeh right now)
Tuesday: Lemongrass tofu bahn mi (recipe downloaded from the web a long long time ago on a different pc)
Wednesday: leftover bahn mi (see, the laziness has already set in)
Thursday: Caesar salad with blackened tempeh pg 96 Real Food Daily cookbook
Friday: Perfected chickpea salad sandwich pg 405 The Oh She Glows Cookbook 
Saturday: TBA, probably a stuffed pasta.

I cheated this week, for we have already consumed dinner tonight (Sunday). I do hope you forgive me.

Happy vegan eating!

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Susan said...

Keen to see what you think of the OSG chickpea salad!